Ljungdahl: 9 Songs after Swedish poems – Selections from Op 17 (digitalt partitur, en användare)

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The twelve songs of the song cycle Op. 17 by Maria Ljungdahl were composed between 1986 and 2020, and are dedicated to the mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter. The set poems are from five centuries, and were written or first published between 1644 and 2011. The poets are: Georg Stiernhielm (1598–1672), Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht (1718–1763), Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783–1847), August Strindberg (1849–1912), Karin Boye (1900–1941), Astrid Sperring (1921–2013), Lars Gustafsson (1936–2016), Ylva Eggehorn (1950–), and the composer herself, who has also provided the English translations of the lyrics. Lyrics that are not public domain are used with permission, obtained via ALIS licensing (Administration av litterära rättigheter i Sverige) and/or directly from the authors and rights holders. Registered with performance rights society STIM, work # 51000129 (entire song cycle). The songs in this work are also registered with individual work numbers, to use when reporting performances of selected songs from the cycle. (Three of the songs in the song cycle are for copyright reasons excluded in this digital edition. The original printed edition of the work with all the 12 songs included was published in September 2020.)