Most of the names on this list were added after a personal invitation. I asked the composers if they wanted to say something about themselves here. When the link list started in spring 2003, the idea of linking composer pages together was discussed at the chat forum at SibeliusMusic, as a solution to a technical problem we then had with our member pages, which made them invisible to search engines and impossible to place code for web rings on. 

(Updated in April 2009: today, when there are so many social network websites available, link lists of this kind are not really necessary any more. People can find other composers and musicians through friend networks like Facebook, Myspace and a lot of dedicated music sites, like Dilettante Music, MusMap, NetNewMusic, Classical Lounge, etc. But I was reminded of this old list when I found links to its old url still around at member pages at SibeliusMusic, so I thought it could be an idea to republish it again.)

Composer pages and descriptions:

Jordi Vives i Batlle Catalan amateur composer of classical music.

Dave Healer Amateur composer, searching for the perfect blend of accessibility and individuality. Not quite found it yet!

Charles Dodds Mainly uncomplicated music for young instrumentalists and church choirs and music groups.

Michael Morse Music of irony and compassion.

David O'Quinn Amateur musician, seeking to compose for motion pictures and perhaps spark more interest in today's youth for the orchestra.

Mary Rose Jensen Hymns and Christian children's music.

Michael Cutler Pianist, Organist and Composer in a late-romantic idiom.

David Rubenstein Original Music Compositions in classical and jazz styles. Also at: SibeliusMusic

Laurence Hughes British composer whose music has been described as 'the new lyricism'. Also at: The Composer Collection

Peter J. Felice Euphonium Major, composes just about anything, though primarily known for his orchestral pieces.

Koen Dejonghe Belgian composer, writes in different styles, for professionals and amateurs.

Matthias Renaud Composer of concert music in a contemporary style.

Fred Dunn Swiss/British composer. Writes mainly for Accordion, but also for other instruments.

Marissa K. Andronicos Young composer and musician.

Robert Alan Henry Composer of ensemble and solo works in a modified-tonality style. Also at: The Composer Collection

Sigrid Berggren Kyrkomusiker, skriver mest bruksmusik för användning i kyrkan, ibland tonsättningar av egen lyrik.

David Benning Primarily piano music and music for worship, but is learning how to write for other instruments.

Cedric Peachey British composer, writing contemporary, eclectic but approachable music.

Bernard Hughes British composer, living and working in London. Also at: SibeliusMusic

Vic Voss Composer of a string quartet: "From a beach in South Wales". Also at: SibeliusMusic

Jane Gardner A versatile composer of contemporary music designed to reach people of all ages and different backgrounds. Also at: SibeliusMusic

Martin Johannes Wenberg Composer of fine music, based on archetypes within all of us.

Craig Wood Musical theatre composer, young, energetic and a rock/funk musician at heart.

Fredrik Österling Swedish composer.

Robert Cox Passow Organist, singer, conductor, general all-around nice guy, who writes a variety of sacred and secular music.

David Braund Amateur composer trying to write original music of interest to musicians.

Alexis Bennett Composer for film, TV and multimedia.

Composer Name The one line describing the composer or the music.

Composer Name The one line describing the composer or the music.

Maria Ljungdahl Swedish amateur composer, pianist and singer. Ansvarig webmoster på denna sajt.